Bird shooting

Flighted duck and geese
Wetlands stretch for miles along the banks of the Vaal River. Waterfowl thrive here and there are at least ten species of duck, teal and geese. Our waterfowl are shot during the late afternoons, as they come in to feed on harvested grain fields. Meticulous planning starting months before your arrival will ensure that your butt is placed right under the flight line.

Driven guineafowl and francolin
In Africa, the ubiquitous helmeted guineafowl can be regarded as the main terrestrial gamebird,both in numbers and geographical distribution. Most of our guineafowl shoots are driven, trying to mimic the classic English shoot but with distinctive African spice.We make use of up to 120 chanting African beaters on a full day of driven guineafowl.

Flighted pigeon and dove
Our pigeon and dove are shot flighted, from butts. With the aid of decoys. These birds will keep the best of shots humble, as they rocket over your butt in their hundreds. Here the shooting is more instinctive than a matter of calculating lead. Five different species of pigeon and dove are encountered. Real hot barrelled stuff.

Flighted sandgrouse
For our sandgrouse shoot we move North to the Kalahari desert. Every morning the sandgouse gather in flocks and fly up to 60 miles to take two sips of water. The guns are placed in a circle around the waterhole, far enough to allow birds not shot at to come in and drink and to ensure that they are high and fast when they come over the guns.

Walked up partridge and francolin
Enjoy the company of field trial champion dogs and their handlers as we work picturesque areas that have been scouted weeks in advance for bird densities. Enjoy the adrenalin rush as the partridge explode in a feathered flurry at your feet.


Apart from our vast concession areas covering more than 500 000 acres throughout Southern Africa. Timkulu Safaris owns its own game ranch with beautiful scenery, boasting 20 species of game.